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Writing code once and benefiting from multiple markets is not just a tempting ambition but also a realistic and practical strategy. By leveraging the capabilities of Xamarin to the fullest extent, we create applications that work on multiple platforms, including iOS &  Android, with a near-original functionality and preserved design allure.

Northern Sky’s cross-platform application development presents:

  • High Performance
  • Close-to-Native User Experience
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Development Costs
  • Quick Delivery to the Market


Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool capable of recreating the very native feel of any application type. Powered by .NET, this framework produces not a hybrid, but a native code that gives applications an easy access to the specific hardware and platform-dependent features, thus bringing user experience as close to that of a native app as possible.

What We Do

Great mobile applications are more than lines of code. In order to deliver excellent performance, our specialists are ready to deliver a full range of mobile services:

  • Mobility Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile application development (native and cross-platform)
  • Delivery to market (publishing on the App Store or Google Play )
  • Mobile technologies consulting (design and code implementation/review, system architecture, feasibility analysis and more)
  • Mobile testing (Unit testing and UI Automation)

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