The need for change has never been stronger, yet the risks have never been greater

– A more technological approach towards business process enhancement.



Enterprises can no longer just respond to change, they must now lead it, however commercial upside can come at a price with continuous operational risk and constant organizational pain.

The answer lies in a more active approach towards business processes that isn’t simply aligned to outcomes but acts as a catalyst—fuelling the sort of change that will disrupt markets, but not be disruptive to the core business.

Northern Sky Business Process Services enables enterprises to change faster, be more innovative and deliver efficiently by enhancing business processes with custom made enterprise applications.

Vertical Markets

Business Process Technical Enhancement services for healthcare, logistics, insurance, retail, travel and hospitality.


Intelligent Process Automation

Powerful automation and cognitive technologies that help companies scale their operations and empower employees.


Business Process Digitization

Align people, process and technology in a specific delivery model enhancing critical business functions.


Research and Analytics

We deliver across the value chain. Services include business function analytics as well as industry analysis.


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