Unlock business value from big data assets

Re-imagine tomorrow while challenging today’s limits



Businesses are looking at innovative ways to use data assets from within and outside their enterprise boundaries to enable business growth, improve profitability and drive competitive differentiation.

Data from social media, devices and things, as well as real-time interaction data from online channels, when combined with existing enterprise data assets, can create a deluge of information. Thinking about how best to turn the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of big data into a corporate asset? We have the experience, skills and tools you require to turn your data into your core strategic asset.

Big Data Strategy
  • Big data maturity assessment
  • Use case definition and business case development for big data adoption
  • Big data adoption roadmap, definition and planning
  • Big data architecture and new-age information strategy
  • Technology evaluations and recommendations
Big Data Implementation
  • Data Lake build outs – Create big data ecosystems, on cloud or on premise, to create a foundation for enterprise-wide consumption
  • Hadoop offloads – Leverage the power of Hadoop to offload costly and time-consuming ETL processes or data
  • Big data administration and support services – Derive ongoing value from big data investments through efficient and effective administration and support services
Big Data Consumption
  • Big data analytics as a service – Drive descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on your big data foundation
  • Machine learning and cognitive computing – Create next generation, self-learning systems
  • Data monetization – Create additional revenue channels by effectively monetizing your data assets
  • Market Disruptors – Internet of Things

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