Enable faster innovation by digitizing core processes with automation and artificial intelligence



Automation plays an integral role in how companies will transform their end-to-end operations to scale and compete in the digital future. Northern Sky’s Automation Solutions (powered by Microsoft) brings together powerful cognitive platforms and products, advisory and enablement services, and process-specific industry solutions to accelerate this transformation.

Northern Sky’s Automation Solutions is a suite of powerful automation and cognitive technologies that helps companies scale their operations, improve speed of innovation and empower employees. These solutions maximize portability, scale and innovation by leveraging leading external technologies and partners.

The 3 Types of Automation Technologies


Systems that replicate repetative human actions


Systems that have advanced learning capabilities to handle judgement-oriented tasks


Systems built for adapting to users and other mission critical systems. Learning to understand context.

Gain maximum value from technology investments

Our advisory, consulting and integration services provide clients flexibility to explore the full landscape of smart technologies and vendor solutions. Our commitment to an open architecture allows us to deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ existing systems and infrastructure.

Dynamic partner ecosystem

New automation and AI providers are emerging almost daily. Our automation team is continuously creating new solutions that “plug and play” with existing third-party platforms by leveraging our research and industry knowledge. Our ongoing market research, vendor benchmarking and library of partner technology solutions guarantee clients can achieve their goals for leveraging the capabilities of automation, cognitive and autonomic systems and artificial intelligence.

Get faster ROI and reduce risk

We have expert understanding of our clients’ infrastructure, business processes and competitive and regulatory pressures, which means we can accelerate the path to automation, delivering projects in a faster timeframe while mitigating business risks.

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