When data-driven decisions empower your interactions with your customers, employees, suppliers and partners, you can truly master your markets.



Digital technologies give your company a once-in-a-generation opportunity to perform better than you ever have before. But you’ll need new business models built from analyzing your customers and business operations at every angle in order to really get ahead of your competition.

Enhance Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience powered by insights into their behavior, actions and interaction, enriched with multitude of information fed through data-lakes.

Smarter Business Operations

Transform your business processes with intelligent, autonomous systems that leverage next-gen technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data Analytics and Geo-spatial intelligence.

Intelligent Products and Services

Launch new products and services for the digital economy that can operate, learn and heal autonomously, through humanized-AI and real-time analytics.

Risk, Compliance and Fraud Detection

Embrace a proactive digital risk management approach to detect fraud, compliance and security breaches in real-time or bring control to your business with blockchain technology.

GDPR Solutions

General Data Protection Regulation. Meet compliance needs with efficient consumer protection, privacy, and data governance while creating an effective foundation for your digital transformation.

Digital Supply Chain

When we consider the future of the global supply chain, we see analytics as the new engine for change – from AI-driven autonomous warehouses that no longer require running lights to function, drones that can make inventory decisions, and cloud-based RFID shipment tracking linked to entire value chain.

Data is the backbone of your organization. How you tap into these data stores is an essential part of your digital strategy. Our solutions will help you manage and modernize your data, driving revenue growth, improved efficiencies and reduced risk.

Data Visualization and Data Discovery

Make data widely available to decision makers throughout the organization. Facilitate rapid data discovery and outcomes by using our rich capabilities and experience in areas including enterprise reporting, data discovery and self-service BI.

Legacy Modernization and Data Offloading

Keep pace with the exponential growth of your data and ensure smooth transition of legacy systems using state-of-the-art technologies to build agile, scalable digital systems with lower TCO.

Enterprise Performance Management

Be on top of your business performance, model what-if scenarios or make predictions using Machine Learning with our help in Business Performance Management, Budget, Planning and Forecasting and Financial Modeling and Analysis.

Data Integration and Consolidation Services

Capitalize on your data and develop a unified view of business with our data integration services to fuel your applications from legacy to Applied AI while ensuring quality, security and governance.

QA and Testing Services

Our QA and Testing services provides thorough testing to ensure tight integration of QA activities with your data management and advanced analytics project lifecycles for better business results.

Enterprise Data Repository Services

Ensure faster decision-making and better business planning with our Enterprise Data Repository services that includes solutions for building or modernizing your data warehouse, data lakes or blockchain databases over heterogeneous landscapes.

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